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Type Of Homes In Malta.

Here you’ll discover the diverse range of properties available in Malta, encompassing different sizes and locations, making it simpler to find the perfect home to match your preferences and requirements.


These convenient and budget-friendly properties are well-suited for holiday rentals or second homes, thanks to their wide availability across Malta, spanning from seafront locations to city centers and Special Designated Areas (SDAs). Apartments come in various sizes and finishes, making them an excellent choice for both working professionals seeking studio penthouses and families requiring larger dwellings with multiple bedrooms.

Terraced Houses.

Crafted in the traditional style with Maltese limestone, are perfect for larger families. Featuring thick walls, high ceilings, and spacious rooms, these homes are often adjoined to neighboring terraced houses. Their floors boast a variety of finishes, from traditional tiles to polished marble. With accommodation options of up to seven bedrooms, they’re ideal for extended families. Additionally, given the thriving rental market in Malta, many consider investing in terraced houses. These sought-after homes are beloved for their charm and functionality, making them a valuable find in Malta’s property market.


Traditional townhouses in Malta exude charm with their wooden balconies and original features, often complemented by a quaint garden or courtyard. These homes serve as a reminder of Malta’s rich history, providing residents with convenient access to the amenities of their town settings.




In many parts of the world, the term “bungalow” brings to mind a modest, single-story dwelling with a pitched roof, often favored by retirees in the UK. However, in Malta, a bungalow typically denotes a larger, detached property set in spacious grounds, often referred to as luxury villas. These Maltese bungalows often boast breathtaking views and feature private swimming pools surrounded by meticulously landscaped gardens. Catering to affluent, larger families, these homes offer outdoor entertainment areas, BBQ spots, and may even include interconnected flatlets or annexes for added versatility.


Distinctive properties offering spacious and luxurious living spaces set within their own grounds, often showcasing authentic Maltese architecture and centuries of heritage. These residences can be fully or semi-detached, featuring landscaped gardens or patio areas and private parking facilities, along with various other upscale amenities.


Maltese coveted properties on the island, renowned for their spaciousness and historical charm. Nestled in picturesque countryside settings, these centuries-old homes have been meticulously converted to meet modern standards. While equipped with contemporary amenities, luxury farmhouses may also feature private pools or expansive outdoor areas, offering residents the perfect blend of comfort and natural beauty.


Garages in Malta are in high demand, driven by the rising number of vehicles on the islands and the need for secure parking and protection from the elements. Properties with garages command significantly higher prices, often adding tens of thousands to their value.


With urban redevelopment in Malta steadily rising each year and current building height limitations being reached, investors are increasingly seeking undeveloped plots of land for development. They are actively engaging with landowners directly or enlisting the services of estate agents to secure these parcels for future projects.


Given Malta’s limited land area and the constant demand for more space, sites for sale in Malta are increasingly valuable. While some parcels may be located on the outskirts of towns and villages, making them potentially financially viable for development, prospective owners must navigate a rigorous process of obtaining zoning and building permits to proceed with construction.