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Property Status & Location

Il-Birgu, Malta

Interior Details

Internal area: Approximately 250 m²
Bedrooms: 2
Bathroom: 2

Square metre

Area: Approximately 300 m²
3rd Floor balcony: 2.6 m²
4th Floor balcony: 2.57 m²
Roof terrace: 48 m²

Property Description

Unconverted but structurally sound farmhouse located in Birgu.

Location: The farmhouse is situated in Birgu, which is known for its peaceful surroundings and have historic charm.

Structural Soundness: The House, indicating that it is in good condition and does not require major repairs to its foundation or structure.

Layout: The current layout of the House includes 6 rooms. These rooms likely offer various possibilities for use, such as bedrooms, living areas, or other functional spaces.

Original Features: The property boasts original features, including wooden beams. These features can add character and charm to the property and may be retained during the conversion process.

Courtyard: The rooms overlook a spacious courtyard. Courtyards can be used for various purposes, such as outdoor dining, gardening, or recreation.

Age and Size: The property is approximately 100 years old and sits on a wide plot. That it has a historical and possibly unique character. Additionally, it has a yard area which provides ample space for landscaping or potentially outdoor lift.

Additional Features: The property comes with its own air space, a well, and a roof terrace. These features offer further development opportunities and can enhance the property’s overall appeal.

Conversion Potential: This Beautiful House has the potential to be converted into an excellent family home. The extent of the conversion may depend on your preferences and needs.

Viewing Recommendation: The description advises potential buyers to view the property in person, which is common when purchasing real estate. This allows you to assess its condition and potential more thoroughly.

This unconverted House in Birgu has the potential to be a unique family home with historical charm, spacious outdoor areas, and the possibility for further development. It’s a property that may appeal to those who appreciate original features and the character of older homes.


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Floor Plan

The purchase is restricted to cash buyers or those not reliant on a bank loan.

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