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Property Status & Location

Spinola Central

Interior Details

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Carport: 1 car

Square metre

Area: 63 m²

Property Description

This two-bedroom apartment located in a desirable area along the Spinola Central. Here are some key details about the apartment:

Location: The apartment is situated on the first floor in one of the most desirable areas along the Spinola Central. This location is likely to offer beautiful views and easy access to the waterfront.

Size: The apartment has a total area of 63 square meters, which includes two bedrooms and various living spaces.

Bedrooms: It features two bedrooms, which can be suitable for a small family or individuals who need an extra room for guests or other purposes.

Furnished: The apartment is being offered fully furnished, which means it comes with all the necessary furniture and fixtures for comfortable living.

Amenities: The apartment includes three air conditioning units (AC’s) and double glazing throughout, which can help with temperature control and noise reduction.

Balcony: The open-plan living area leads onto a seafront balcony, providing a spectacular view of Spinola Bay. This outdoor space is likely to be a great place for relaxation and enjoying the view.

Bathrooms: The apartment has two bathrooms, one of which is an ensuite. This is convenient for residents and guests.

Yard: There is also a good-sized yard, which is cut into natural stone and features deck flooring. This outdoor area can be used for various purposes, such as gardening, outdoor seating, or recreational activities.

Freehold: The property is described as “freehold,” which typically means that the owner has full ownership rights to the property and the land it sits on.

Desirability: The listing suggests that the apartment is a “must view,” emphasizing its attractiveness and desirability.

Overall, this apartment seems to offer a comfortable and well-equipped living space with beautiful views of Spinola Central. It may be an excellent option for those looking to live in a prime  location.

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